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Kevin cho tiptoN
Chief Medical Officer / Founder

Kevin is a board-certified nurse practitioner, adult critical care specialist, and serves as the clinic's chief medical officer.

He primarily works at the area's public hospitals and has taught as an adjunct instructor at Miami-Dade College.  In 2021, he earned autonomous practice authority in Florida, and is hoping to continue his education with an additional specialization in family and emergency medicine.


Kevin is a captain in the United States Air Force assigned to the Florida National Guard (2010-Present), and serves as a member of the Board.

Javier esteveZ
Chair of the Board / Health Care Advocate

Javier is a product of Miami's public schools with a passion for equality, fairness, and serving others.  Since 2017, he has run campaigns focused on improving health care access for working families through Medicaid expansion.


He believes that health care is a right, and is actively involved in initiatives to improve the quality of care for all Floridians.  He understands that supporting healthy families translates into economic growth and safer communities.

Javier has served as the Chair of the Board of Directors since 2018.

Schofield miller
Combat Veteran / Expert Logistician

Schofield is a civically engaged Miamian, United States Marine Corps Veteran (2008-2012), and expert logistician.


As a Sergeant of Marines, Schofield was responsible for the supply chain management for a 1,000 personnel division.  After his service commitment was completed, he returned home, and currently works as a senior strategic buyer/planner for a global avionics and information technology corporation.

Schofield is a graduate of Miami-Dade College and Penn State University.  He has served as a member of the board since 2018.

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